4 Walkway Designs to Elevate Your Yard

Is your yard missing something? Is it a walkway? Here are some of our favorite ideas for walkway installation in MA.

4 Walkway Designs to Elevate Your Yard

Designing and installing a patio is an essential part of having the outdoor space of your dreams. But no patio is complete without a walkway. Walkways create a clear path to and from your patio and help to protect your landscaping by providing an obvious route that leads to your patio or your door. And when you need expert walkway installation in MA, you need SRS Construction. Whether we installed your patio and you want walkways to match, or you want to expand on existing hardscaping, our team will design and install the perfect walkway for your yard.

Here are some of our favorite ideas to inspire your design and help you plan your walkway installation in MA.



Brick is one of our favorite choices for walkways because it lends itself to so many design options. The most common patterns are running bond, basket weave, herringbone, English bond, and Spanish bond. Hem any of those patterns in with a border for a neat and controlled look. Running bond and basket weave also look nice when installed diagonally. You can make these patterns and styles even more unique by using bricks of different colors.



If you are looking for a timeless walkway design, it is hard to go wrong with bluestone. The blue-gray hues add a sophisticated look to your yard, and the neutral tones go with all the colors in your landscape design. You can create lots of patterns, and there are several color options. Some types of bluestone aren’t even blue!



Pavers are one of the most versatile options for walkway installation in MA. For a more formal look, you can fit pavers of various sizes, shapes, and colors together to make fairly complicated patterns. For a simpler style, large square pavers cover a lot of space and are easy to maintain and keep clean. Feel like mixing it up? Alternate stripes of pavers and gravel to add more textures to your design.



To create the illusion of a naturally-occurring walkway, landscapers use flagstones. Large stones of irregular shapes look gorgeous when they are perfectly aligned to create a walkway, leaving gaps between the stones. For a contained look, use metal edging and fill the gaps with gravel or pebbles. For a more natural look, forgo the edging and lay sod or grow grass between the flagstones.


Walkway Installation in MA by SRS Construction

Feeling inspired? If any of these design ideas seem like a good fit for your yard, SRS Construction can make it happen. If you’re still not quite sure, our team can help you come up with the perfect design. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to walkway installation in MA. Our team will help you create a walkway design that is unique as you are.


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